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May 2012

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inkthesky in inkingthesky

Doodle the Poodle (SERIES) OPEN

Remember Spot the Dog from when you were a kid? Really short, simple books for very young children. We wanted to do something kinda like that, for the littler ones.

Doodle The Poodle

This is Doodle the poodle. He is fluffy and blue.
He belongs to no-one, but if he did, it would be Quinifred Q.
Doodle loves adventures, dancing, and playing
He knows many tricks that are wonderfuly amazing
Doodle would bark, trying to talk with all of his might
Some people would run away, afraid he may bite!
Though Doodle would never, he was only trying to say
Things such as "I like your shoes" and "How is your day?"
Doodle loves people, especially little miss Q.
She knew he was smart, and always asked him "What should we do?"
And he would fetch a frisbee or paw at a ball
Jump to the window, or point to a picture on the wall
One sunny day, Doodle led Quinifred off into the woods
Where they happened upon a tin can, and hoped it was filled with goods
But when they opened it, much to their surprise
The can was all lit up and glowing bright
Out flew a fairy, who was thankful to be set free
So thankful, in fact, she would grant them a wish, indeed
Without a second thought, Quinifred smiled and suggested
"Doodle wishes he could talk, do you suppose you could help him?"
And the grateful fairy obliged and the duo was happier than ever
This is where the story ends, but I've got more you might like better!

Write me some Doodle stories?
No, they don't all have to rhyme.