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May 2012

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inkthesky in inkingthesky


This is another one of our (Sky & Ink) little collaboration stories, thats still totally open, about a princess, a dragon, and a knight, but from a little different perspective.

Think of the most handsome, manliest man you have ever laid eyes upon. I'm at least three times moreso. Stronger than even the sturdiest ox, more courage than a lion, and I've got more charm than a truckload of that cereal with the leprechaun and all the little marshmallows. I can only lift 3 carts of people with one arm, but everyone has their weaknesses, and I accept that. I know what you're thinking, 'Wow, he must be the most amazing person on Earth!' and of course, you've never been more right. I'm Everyones favorite guy, and Im sure you've never seen me smile, because you'd be blind from its shine. Well, almost everyone adores me, I should say, and those who don't only dislike me because the jealousy is unbarable. Your admiration means alot to me, because everytime I'm admired, somewhere in the world a giant jewel incresed trophy is born, and waiting to be claimed by the one and only Sir Ryland! Yes, that's me, Sir Ryland The Great. I know it's kind of a mouthfull, so you can call me Ry. You've probably already of heard of me, but just in case you've been living under a rock, figured I'd introduce myself. My smell seems to attract beautiful, strong white stallions. My Hair looks like silk spun by angels out of gold. Eyes as blue as the sky, a chiseled jawbone, tall and muscular. I already told you about my smile: it literally sparkles. And, no, I'm not being conceited (conceitedness is a flaw, I don't have any flaws), I'm just making sure that those of you who have never had the privledge of gazing upon my perfect face are able to conjur up the perfect mental image.
Now, you've probably got a pretty good idea of how I look, so let me continue with my story. It's all about me, and how I came to meet the most beautiful princess that ever existed. Princess Ashlette. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. I was travelling from a far away land where I had been protecting the townspeople from the goblins that had invaded their home, trying to find the next village with people in need of my brawn and bravery. Of course, I'm great with navigation, so I was taking a shortcut through the Outtdoze Forest. And there she was, so pretty and dainty and frail looking, sitting around a tree-trunk table, trying to enjoy her tea. Her long blonde hair that was a few shades darker than my own, and held a hint of red, was flowing in waves around her lovely face. She wasn't wearing her crown at the time, so I had no idea yet that she was a princess, just that she was the image of perfection in my eyes. And that's saying a lot, since I've lived my whole life with my face. Also the fact that I noticed her before the hideous beast that I presumed was interrupting her tea to make a meal of her must give you a good idea of how stunning she looked. Because, not even three feet from her, was the biggest most disgusting looking dragon I'd ever seen! He was swamp green colored, with blue on his wings and underside, and a fierce look in his eyes. So I did what is in my nature to do: protect.
"I'll save you, madam!" I bellowed, as I charged towards the monster. It looked absolutely terrified, as it should have. She jumped back with surprise, yelling something I couldn't quite make out over the battle cry I let ring out. The dragon started to open it's mouth to breathe fire at me, and poised it's tail to sweep and pin me to the ground, and I shamefully missed my target, stabbing him in his front right pinky toe, instead of the heart.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you mean, "poised to sweep my tail and breathe fire" at you? I was screaming, and trying to back away from you! I can't even breathe fire, it's ice, surely even you know the difference between hot and cold! Psh. Breathe fire. My breath is like an Autumn wind that smells of Spring and freshly baked cupcakes, and to top it all off, it cures nausea. What happened was, Ashlette and I were having our weekly tea party, which I always loved, except that the tea was always cold before it could pass my lips, on account of the frosty nature of my breath. We were talking about her lovely new dress, and how the King seemed to start every conversation with the "You're of age to be married!" thing every chance he got. We were waiting for the rest of our friends to show up, when all of a sudden- I'd never seen a sight so scary in my life: A knight in thick, black spiked armor, and seemingly glowing red eyes, and clouds of darkness around him. He let out some kind of demonic growl, lifted from the ground, and flew at me, claiming that I was trying to eat Ashlette! As if I'd ever eat a person, let alone a dear friend. But there he was, and over he came, like a berserking madman. I cried for help, and tried to back up, so I could run and get help, but he was too fast, surely guided by some demonic forces. His blade managed to hit me in the foot, a deep and painful wound, that still hurts today! Oh, and this isn't HIS story, it's all of ours. Which is why we're telling it together.
By the way, I'm Scorch the dragon. Hideous, disgusting, fierce, and "swamp green" are not adjectives that are applicable to me. Friendly, playful, regal, large, and more like apple green, so much more fitting. Like I said, I don't breathe fire, nor do I guard treasure or cause people to quiver with fear. I love helping people, the villagers of Wymsycaland come to me for help curing their illnesses all the time, and the King has requested my help on several occasions. I'm slightly less adventurous than most most dragons, but as you'll come to find from our story, I found myself getting dragged into a crusade anyway. Not that I'm complaining, since there couldn't have been a better reason behind it. Princess Ashlette was in need of rescuing!

Hey, Scorch, there's a spider on your back. That's what you get for using the P-word. He's a big baby, you should see him when there really is a spider within the proximity.
Ok, first off, it's just Ashlette. Please. People got the idea, I'm a princess, big deal. I'm still a regular person. And the only thing I hate more than being called "Princess" is being treated like one. I even refuse to wear my crown, whenever I can get away with it. Such lavish jewelry has no practical application, so I have no use for it. Besides, it kinda makes my head itch. Back to the point, just because I'm a girl, and one that people consider "pretty", with a fancy title doesn't mean I'm incapable of doing anything for myself, or that I don't like to have fun. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy taking advantage of the fact that I was born female, I mean, obviously, I have tea parties. I'm also fond of long, poofy dresses. Sure, they're not the most sensible attire for climbing up a tree to get a spectacular view of the world, or strolling through the forest, but my father typically makes sure I'm being watched pretty closely so I'll "stay out of trouble". My dad, King Dearian of Wymsycaland (where I have lived my whole sheltered life) is a great leader and wonderful father, but he can be so overprotective! The only plus side to him badgering me about choosing a husband is that maybe I would finally be able to live my life without a constant set of eyes to catch every little "un-ladylike" thing I do. Though, according to my mother, Queen Madrea, no proper man of power would want a wife that is more interested in going on midnight picnics than throwing a ball. What ever happened to being loved for your true self?!
I'll bet you can understand why my tea parties with Scorch were always the highlight of my week. And just to really get the point across, keep this little tid-bit in mind, Dearsy (that's my nickname for my dad) only allowed me to go visit with Scorch at his home in Outtdoze Forest if someone accompanied me into the woods and stood guard closeby. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to having a nice, relaxing visit with my friends, but as you've already heard, that didn't go exactly as planned. I was just telling Scorch how Dearsy had managed to throw in three different "When are you getting married?" type comments before we were even through with breakfast. He suggested we invite everyone from far and wide to a big ball, hoping I'd meet someone. I tried telling him "You can't rush love. Don't you want me to find someone that really makes me happy?" but he interrupted to tell me that my mother was already working on invitations, and "Here, Honey, I had a new dress made for you". Rude! Well, at least the dress was really gorgeous. Long and flowy, kind of midaevil style, just how I like them. With two different kinds of fabric. Light blue velvet surrounding a mint green, silk strip down the center. The blue part laced across the silky strip, right about where my ribcage is down to my bellybutton, and the silky material was embroidered in the same shade of blue, making swirly floral patterns. The sleeves were blue and velvety down to my elbows, where they had excess amounts of the light green silk, also embroidered to match. I had just stood up to let Scorch get a good look at the detailing when the most eager-to-impress wannabe hero tried to come to my rescue. Except, that big, goofy lime green dragon would never hurt anyone, and is the best friend I've ever had.
So, this is what REALLY happened: Like I said, I'd just stood up, Scorch was examining my dress (and commenting on how much he loved the shade of green) when we heard a man in a dark grey metal suit, clinking and clanking as he ran towards us, yelling "I'll save you, Madam!". And then just yelling, kinda sounded like a wounded beast, while charging at Scorch. Now, Scorch, being the fraidy cat he is, he yelped like a little girl and jumped back in a panic, about to flee into the woods. But that knight moved quickly, I'll give him that, at least, especially for wearing such a heavy suit of armor. Not quick enough to hit his target, thankfully, because he stuck Scorch right in the pinky toe. Just as he was about to swing again at my blubbering friend, I picked up the closest tea cup and chucked it at his head.
"What do you think you're doing?!" I yelled at him.
"Wha-E-excuse me?" he stammered. "Do you have a death wish? I am trying to rescue you!"
"Rescue me from what, a crying dragon? Stop being such a show-off, it's quite obvious I'm fine."
"Only because I stormed in here to chase off the monster!"
"The only moster I see around here is the one that just stabbed my best friend in the toe."
Scorch wailed, "Yeah, and it really hurts!" as I reached for my tall, cone-shapped hat to tear the fabric ____ing from the top. I poured some of the warm water from the tea kettle over Scorch's wound before wrapping the material around his toe, and tying it off to serve as a make-shift bandage. All the while, shooting a very agitated glare in the direction of the confused-looking knight. I think I caught Scorch stick his tongue out, from the corner of my eye.
"My lady, surely someone as beautiful as yourself could find much better company than a giant lizard."
"Wow, could you be any more rude? First you try to kill him, for no good reason, and then start in with insults, how about an apology?"
"Apologize for what? Oh, alright, I'm sorry I was brave and courageous and trying to be a good person."
I blinked and stared at him, exchanged a glance with Scorch, and asked "Surely you're not serious?"
"While I do have an amazing sense of humour, I don't feel as though this is a situation that calls for it."