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May 2012

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inkthesky in inkingthesky

It's been a while!

My friend, Derek, just gave me one of his stories to add to our collection

It was a sunny day in the Sherwood Park. There weren’t to many visitors to the park today. Everyone seemed busy doing something else. There was a slight breeze through the large trees.

“Ah, that feels good,” Said one tree. “Don’t you wish you could feel the wind between your branches puny grass?”

“I don’t even have branched to feel the wind with good tree.” Came a tiny voice from a small blade of grass.

“That’s right, you are to tiny and weak to sustain these luscious branches.” Said the tree getting a little full of himself.

“I don’t really have a need for branches, they are of no use to me. For my entire body retrieves the suns rays.” Said the small piece of grass wisely.

“Oh, no need for excuses.” Said the tree proudly. “Surely you are jealous of my leafs and the wonderful colors they turn in the fall.” Continued the tree.

“I have no reason to change colors my good fellow, for peoples always think the green grass is beautiful.” Said the grass.

The tree was a little hurt by this comment, but he was not done arguing that he was better that the small piece of grass.

“Well surely you are jealous of the attention I get while people climb all over me?” said the tree quite rudely.

“No, for I am here to slightly break the fall when they lose there grip, I am here when the people need to rest, and I am here when people choose to play sports.” Said the grass tired of the arguing.

The tree was starting to get upset.

“Well at least the Park Keeper never has to cut me.” The tree said hopefully.

“But within only a weeks time I will have re-grown and be more beautiful that I am now.” Said the grass. “If the park keeper were to cut you down you’d never re-grow to the state that you are now.”

The tree was running out of things that he could brag about.

“Fine grass, you win!” said the tree feeling hurt. “You are clearly superior to all of us trees.” He finished very discouraged.

“Now wait just a minute,” The grass started realizing the tree was hurt. “While I am small and can re-grow I would wonder what it is like to be a tall and proud tree.”

“Really?” Said the tree sounding confused. “Why is that?”

“Well, I would love to feel the wind, I would love to be admired for my changing color, and I would love to have the children climb my branches.”

The tree became very confused. First the grass was acting as if he were the better of the two, now he seems jealous of the trees. It didn’t make sense to the tree. The grass began to sense the confusion of the tree.

“Tree my good friend, you should be proud of what makes you different from me, but just because you are different does not make you better. Everything has its good and bad qualities you see?” said the grass hoping the tree understood his message.

“So, are you saying that you and me, we’re equal? Even though I’m so much bigger than you are?” Said the tree carefully.

“Yes!” The grass exclaimed proudly. “Now you’re getting it!

The Tree was very proud of himself. The grass and the tree lived happily alongside each other from then on. Neither one thinking they were better that the other. For they each knew they were equals.